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Careers Support and Guidance

To ensure that all of our students have equality of access to make appropriate decisions about their future we offer support through:
  • careers advice and guidance as part of the PSHCE programme
  • the Academy’s Academic Mentoring programme
  • curriculum enrichment days
  • work experience opportunities
  • our partnerships with industry and business, further education and higher education
All of our students have the opportunity to:
  • be educated in an environment which values and enhances their knowledge and understanding of the world of work;
  • have comprehensive, up-to-date and relevant information about career education, training and employment opportunities from trained personnel;
  • have access to advice and guidance which is independent and impartial, easily accessible and broadens their horizons
  • have a careers education programme that provides them with skills, knowledge, support and experience of the world of work to enable them to make informed career choices;
  • enjoy work experience with an appropriate employer

Careers Contact

Ms. S. Harrison 

01482 879967 Ext: 251