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Free School Travel Passes

All pupils who live in Hull and attend a school within the city, or their nearest school, will be entitled to a free bus pass if:
  • they are aged under eight years and live two or more miles from school (shortest safe walking route)
  • they are aged eight to 16 years and live three or more miles from school (shortest safe walking route)

Free bus passes will also be available to pupils from low-income families (i.e. those who qualify for free school meals or who are in receipt of the maximum level of Working Tax Credit) as follows:
  • pupils aged eight to 11 years attending their nearest school which is two miles or more from home (shortest safe walking route)
  • pupils aged 11 to 16 years attending one of their three nearest schools which is between two and three miles from home (shortest safe walking route)
  • pupils attending the nearest suitable school preferred on the grounds of religion or belief where they live between two and 15 miles from that school

To apply for a free bus pass, please complete and return the application form available to the right of this page.

Concessionary Fares

Pupils not entitled to a free bus pass can take advantage of the concessionary fares scheme we run in partnership with the bus companies.

Secondary school concessions

We operate a scheme in conjunction with the bus companies to enable all children to travel for a reduced fare within the city boundary.

The scheme does not require the children to carry a pass to receive a reduced fare. The fares vary according to operator, and are subject to change without notice.

Free School Travel Passes Documents