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Home School Agreement Information

We have a home-school agreement that details what part students, parents and carers play in making sure students do well, as it is essential that we work effectively together to ensure students succeed.

This agreement commits us to providing the opportunity for students to learn and states clearly our expectations, underlining what we truly believe: that we are all partners in the learning and development of our students.

Home School Agreement



I will always do my best to:


  • Be friendly and kind towards other students
  • Model good behaviour
  • Wear my uniform with pride
  • Be respectful of others
  • Bring the right equipment, including my PE kit
  • Take good care of the building and equipment
  • Work hard and achieve my potential
  • Attend school everyday
  • Arrive at school and lessons on time
  • Complete my homework and coursework to the best of my ability
  • Encourage other students to work hard


If I am unhappy I will talk to my Academic Mentor




Parents and Carers


I will always do my best to:


  • Ensure my child attends school every day and on time
  • Ensure my child wears the correct school uniform
  • Ensure my child has the right equipment, including PE kit
  • Encourage my child to work hard
  • Ensure my child sits all examinations
  • Encourage my child to take part in extra activities
  • Contact the school as soon as possible if my child is absent
  • Support the school’s behaviour policy
  • Attend parents’ evenings
  • Respond to school messages and requests
  • Ensure my child completes all homework and coursework

If I am unhappy I will talk to my child’s Academic Mentor





Home School Agreement