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Kingswood Marking and Feedback Standard

(Minimum expectation)

At Kingswood Academy students receive regular incisive marking and feedback to enable them to make progress.  

Each department has tailored their Marking and Feedback Policy to accelerate progress over time in their areas. However, the following strands are a minimum requirement for all subjects:

  • Student work is marked up to date at least every three weeks.

  • Teachers mark in red pen and students respond in green pen, demonstrating impact and progress.

  • Comments made through marking are incisive; improvement focussed and will have a clear impact on learning.

  • Improvements completed by students (in green pen) are checked in the following round of marking; they are ticked if correct or a comment of ‘See me’ will be added if the student has not improved.  This will then be addressed by the teacher verbally with the student.

  • Live marking / verbal feedback is used during lessons to provide students with instantaneous feedback. Students will still respond to this live marking in green pen.

  • A tick () is used to identify correct work, and is not a sign of acknowledgement.

  • Peer / self-assessment is written and actioned in green pen. Comments will be incisive and improvement focussed and not just done for the sake of it to aimlessly add more green pen to books. Students will need training up on the success criteria from which they can peer/self assess.

  • The Literacy Standard is met (see summary below).

  • The Presentation Standard is met (see summary below).

Student Presentation Standard:

  • Work is completed in neatest handwriting with no graffiti.

  • A single, neat line (drawn with a ruler) is put through mistakes.

  • Write the full date at the top left of the page.

  • Write the title in the middle of the next line.

  • Underline the title and date with a ruler.

  • All resources such as worksheets to be cut down and glued neatly into books.

  • Read the teacher’s comments and implement changes in green pen.

Literacy Standard:

  • Literacy mistakes are identified in red pen using the Literacy Marking Codes (see sticker below).

  • All identified mistakes are corrected by the student in green pen.

  • Teachers use professional judgements to determine the number and type of mistakes identified.  For example, a high ability student may have all literacy mistakes identified for correction.  A low ability student may have a specific focus i.e. spelling plurals correctly linked to current work.  For low ability students, key words which are spelled incorrectly may be written out correctly, whereas for more able students, the error may be identified and the student would correct it independently from the teacher using a dictionary.  Students with a diagnosis of Dyslexia or who present with Dyslexic traits may have a reduced number of literacy corrections.

Literacy Marking Codes


Spelling error. Write the correct spelling. Use a dictionary to check.


Capital letter missing or incorrectly used.


Missing or incorrect punctuation.


Improve your vocabulary. Is there a better word or term you can use?


New paragraph needed here

(remember TiPToP)


Missing word…


What do you mean here? Express this more clearly / rephrase.

Red underline

Check this; there is an error in this section.

Check your work carefully and correct any errors in a green pen.

Senior Leader - Teaching and Learning

Mr S. Tricket

01482 879967

Marking and Feedback Policy