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Week 1
DayAM ExamPM Exam
Monday 13th May Music 1hr 
Tuesday 14th MayFrench Unit 1 35/45minScience Biology 1 1hr 15min
French Unit 3 45/60min 
Wednesday 15th MayPortuguese Writing 60minEnglish Literature Paper 1 1hr 45min
Thursday 16th MayScience Chemistry 1 1hr 15min 
Friday 17th MayFrench Unit 4 1hr/1hr 15min 
Week 2
DayAM ExamPM Exam
Monday 20th May Portuguese Listening 50min
Tuesday 21st MayMathematics Paper 1 1hr 30minGeography Paper 1 1hr 30min
Wednesday 22nd MayUrdu 1hr 15minScience Physics 1 1hr 15min
Thursday 23rd MayEnglish Literature Paper 2 2hr 15min 
Friday 24th May Italian Unit 1 45min 
Italian Unit 3 60min 
Week 3
DayAM ExamPM Exam
Monday 3rd JuneHistory Paper 1 1hrItalian Unit 4 75 min

Creative iMedia 75min
Tuesday 4th JuneEnglish Language Paper1 1hr 45minPortuguese Reading 60min
Wednesday 5th June Geography Paper 2 1hr 30min
Thursday 6th JuneMathematics Paper 2 1hr 30minHistory Paper 2 1hr 45min
Friday 7th JuneEnglish Language Paper 2 1hr 45minScience Biology 2 1hr 45min
Week 4
DayAM ExamPM Exam
Moday 10th June 
Tuesday 11th JuneMathematics 3 1hr 30minHistory 3 1hr 45min
Wednesday 12th JuneScience Chemistry 2 1hr 15minGeography 3 1hr 15min
Thursday 13th JunePolish Unit 1 45min 
Polish Unit 3 60min 
Friday 14th June Science Physics 2 1hr 15min 
Week 5
DayAM ExamPM Exam
Monday 17th June  
Tuesday 18th June  
Wednesday 19th JunePolish Unit 4 75min