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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does the academy offer enrichment clubs?
    We do have enrichment clubs taking place and the up to date information regarding these are shown on the TV screens around the academy.

2) Will I be in the same house as my brother or sister?
    Siblings are not necessarily placed in the same house.

3) How will I know if I have a detention that day?
    If you have a detention your name will be on the list at reception.

4) How will I know if I have any homework?
    All homework is uploaded to a system called 'Show my Homework'. Your Academic Mentor will provide you with your user name and password for logging onto this system.

5) Will I be in the same class for all lessons?
    You will not be in the same class for all of your lessons as for some subjects you will be placed in sets.

6) What do I do if I have forgotten my equipment?
   If you forget your equipment we will loan you the items for the day, however, you will receive a negative in your conduct card.

7) Do I need to wear my blazer at all times?
   You must wear your blazer when moving around the academy, however, you may remove your blazer in lessons, when sat down eating at break and lunch times or when outside. 

8) How do I top up my lunch card?
    In order to put money on your lunch card you can bring cash into the academy and use the machines near reception or in the second floor Bistro. Alternatively, your parent/carer can upload money onto your card via Parent Pay.