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Welcome to the BTEC Drama Department

BTEC Drama Department Vision

The Drama Department promotes academic excellence and provides students with the skills for success in all subjects. We aim to build our students’ confidence, social and collaboration skills and aspiration to do well and achieve. We believe in nurturing talents and providing students with the growth to become confident and successful young people. Students will be exposed to imaginative material to develop their personal growth and mindset throughout the course by being provided by textual and non textual materials. 

Meet the BTEC Drama Team

BTEC Drama Curriculum

Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11 are working towards the completion of BTEC First Award in Performing Arts. Students study 3 units which prepare them for a vocational study of Performing Arts with a specific focus in an Acting pathway.

Unit 1 - Individual Showcase (Externally Assessed Unit) - Students will perform two monologues to a camera individually and will submit a letter of application for a Drama school; following an assignment set by the exam board.

Unit 2 - Preparation, Production and Performance - Students will work in groups as theatre companies to create a performance suitable for a specific target audience with a guided brief for themes and content.

Unit 3 - Acting Skills - Prepares students for the field of Acting by exploring the fundamental skills needed to become successful in an acting career.

Key Stage 3

Year 7 and Year 8 students have one hour per week of Drama which introduces them to the fundamental skills needed to be successful for progression into the Key Stage 4 pathway. Students will develop their drama skills by collaborating with others, working individually to be creative and imaginative in a series of textual and non textual activities. Students will be given the opportunity to critically evaluate the work of others and will receive regular feedback from both the classroom teacher and their peers.

Key Stage 3 students will also take part in a rotational project which will develop necessary skills for acting. In year 7, students will explore the works of Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes through a variety of explorative strategies. In year 8, students will explore scripted work and will study The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty to prepare them for scripted, theatrical performances using explorative strategies to encourage deeper thinking and understanding of the text. 

How do we assess students in BTEC Drama?

Key Stage 4

Students work towards their three main assessments for each unit. Unit 2 and Unit 3 are internally assessed and externally validated. Unit 1 is an externally assessed task which is marked by the exam board. Students will receive regular verbal feedback and diagnostic feedback from their teacher to ensure they have a clear understanding about how to make better progress.

Key Stage 3

Students are assessed each learning cycle using Arts Council Levels as a framework to assess skills and development during rehearsals, performance and evaluation. Assessments are moderated across the department using a thorough and robust process.

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Senior Leader / Head of Drama

Mr. D. Root 

Tel: 01482 879967 

Email: droot@thekingswoodacademy.org

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