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Welcome to the Mathematics Department


Mathematics Department Vision

Our duty is to inspire young people to see the true beauty of mathematics in the wider world by bringing mathematics alive thereby making it exciting, relevant and easy.


KS3 Vision


All students believe they can do maths and reach their full potential. They should take risks to solve problems and reason like a mathematician in preparation for KS4.


KS4 Vision


To create resilient problem-solvers who are confident to apply their mathematical ability to real-life and abstract contexts.

Meet the Mathematics Team

Miss A Jandu - Head of Mathematics
Mr L Ransome - Deputy Headteacher
Mrs V Westoby - Assisstant Headteacher
Mr D Meyerhoff - Lead Teacher of Mathematics
Mr M Omidi - KS3 Co-ordinator of Mathematics
Miss J Hayes - High Ability Co-ordinator
Mr L Meyerhoff - Maths Teacher
Miss A Jackson - Maths Teacher
Miss E Bridger - Maths Teacher
Miss T Haigh - Maths Teacher
Mr J Davison - Maths Teacher

Mathematics Curriculum

Both KS3 and KS4 follow the same scheme of work which aims for mastery of topics that are in the GCSE specification. With a vastly reduced amount of learning objectives in each year, we are able to spend more time investigating each topic. Each pupil will now work their way through our new learning process which we have developed with our academy sponsor AET;

By allowing pupils the time to explore, apply and reason with objectives, pupils are highly engaged in learning which allows for a deeper understanding and promotes a love of Mathematics.

The curriculum includes 15 units within which are broken down into key learning sections that frame each of our lessons.

The full curriculum is available on the AET maths website:


Year 11 follow a bespoke curriculum designed to meet their needs in preparation for their final summer exams.

How do we assess students in Mathematics?

Each year group will be assessed according to the whole school assessment calendar.

KS3: Year 7, 8 and 9 complete GCSE papers from the old specification. This is to ensure all students can familiarise themselves with the format and types of GCSE questions that they will be expected to answer in their GCSE Summer Exams.

KS4: Year 10 and 11 complete new specification GCSE papers as their assessment.

The results from all year groups are diagnostically analysed allowing for the appropriate intervention to take place during consolidation week as well as 

Examination Information

Unit Title




Paper 1: Calculator Foundation Tier

21st May 2019


1hr 30minutes

Paper 4: Calculator Higher Tier

21st May 2019


1hr 30minutes

Paper 2: Non-Calculator Foundation Tier

6th June 2019


1hr 30minutes

Paper 5: Non-Calculator Higher Tier

6th June 2019


1hr 30minutes

Paper 3: Calculator Foundation Tier

11th June 2019


1hr 30minutes

Paper 6: Calculator Higher Tier

11th June 2019


1hr 30minutes

Homework Expectations

It is absolutely vital that all have a strong foundation knowledge from which they can work. This requires constant practise inside and outside of the classroom.

All Kingswood Academy students will be given homework on a weekly basis. The homework is set through Mathswatch; an online platform that offers video help and instant feedback on the pupil’s answers. Each student has an individual account to allow the teacher to track their progress through the academic year. The homework will also be set on ShowMyHomework. 

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Head of Mathematics and Numeracy

Miss. A. Jandu

01482 879967