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This summer, for the third year running, we celebrated our best ever GCSE results. We, yet again, had significant increases in the number of students achieving a grade 4 (old C grade pass) in both English and Maths. Our progress scores were excellent and again significantly improved. This results puts us in the top two schools in the city and shows that on average all our students made almost half a grade more that expected nationally across every one of their 8 subjects from their starting points. At Kingswood Academy all students make good progress in every subject, regardless of their starting point.

Our vision is to deliver world class learning, which places no limits on what young people can achieve. We want to become a beacon of educational excellence in Hull. It is our job to ensure that every child during their time at Kingswood Academy is equipped with the skills, qualifications and attributes needed to live a happy and successful life in the 21st Century. 

Underpinning our vision for educational excellence are our 6 key drivers, aspirational and inspirational principles, jointly created by students and staff to drive the Academy forward. These are: the highest expectations, never give up, everyone is valued, value feedback, no excuses and outstanding learning. At Kingswood we live and breathe these key drivers and are absolutely passionate and determined to ensure that our students receive the best education, we will not settle for anything but the best. 

We have a relentless focus on raising the academic progress of our students. Teaching and Learning is a passion of all our staff and we believe it is the key to school improvement. When every teacher is delivering outstanding learning day in day out, when every teacher truly loves their subject, has a sense of humour and makes learning fun and when every teacher knows the detail and nuances of the exam specifications to deliver top notch results then, genuine sustainable school improvement will take place. We are passionate about ensuring every classroom is filled with this type of teacher. 

On top of the classroom teaching from our excellent staff we have extended the school day until 4pm for our Y11 students in core subjects, we provide 1 to 1 tuition and run intensive academic residentials to accelerate learning. Also to raise academic standards and student aspiration we are working with professional coaches who are renowned for improving achievement and standards in schools nationally; these coaches have also had success working with mulitnational companies including NIKE and Chelsea football club. Our students recently commented to OFSTED on the positive impact these interventions were having. OFSTED also commented very positively on the academic improvement taking place across all year groups in the Academy in the recent visit. 

We are also very passionate about our competition based house system. The aim is to build teamwork, confidence and community through competition. There are four houses: Johnson, Wilberforce, Sullivan and Reckitt. Every student is a member of one of the houses and competes to earn points for their house. Students can earn points for things such as attendance, progress, photography, sport, poetry, chess etc. You name it, we’ve got a competition to enable everyone to get involved. We want every student to develop the character, grit and determination to enable them to compete and experience what it feels like to be part of a successful team as well as getting first hand experiences of team camaraderie and team spirit. 

At Kingswood Academy we have a multi-million-pound building which was named as one of the best buildings in the UK by the country's most prestigious architectural institution the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). The state of the art facilities provide students with a superb learning environment in which they can excel. Every classroom at Kingswood Academy is spacious, bright and modern, equipped with the latest technology to support learning. Our other facilities include a professional theatre and recording studio, a full size 4G football pitch, a range of dance and drama studios, a state of the art design and technology workshop.