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Anti-Bullying at Kingswood

Anti Bullying

Bullying is not tolerated at Kingswood Academy.

Bullying is defined by the Department for Education as:

“Bullying is behaviour by an individual or group, repeated over time, that intentionally hurts another individual or group either physically or emotionally.

 …. bullying involves an imbalance of power between the perpetrator and the victim.” (DfE, 2014)         

All staff and pupils are expected to be committed to preventing and intervening where bullying occurs. 

All staff and pupils should respect each individual and aim to make everyone feel comfortable, both on their way to and from the academy and within it.  There must not be any fear of, or intimidation from, other people, either physical or psychological.

In March 2016 Ofsted acknowledged the positive work Kingswood Academy does to ensure every student feels safe and supported within the academy:

“Pupils say they feel safe in school and are cared for well. They confirm that there is always someone on the staff they can turn to if they have a worry or concern. A number of parents have sought places for their children at the school because they are confident about the quality of care the school provides.” (Kingswood Academy Ofsted, full inspection report, March 2016 (p5))

“Where some pupils had suffered bullying at a previous school, such behaviour has not been repeated since arriving in this school. They say that, here, bullying is dealt with effectively by staff. Pupils learn about different sorts of bullying including cyber bullying. They show a good understanding of the hurt that bullying causes. Such work helps keep pupils safe at school, and contributes to their good behaviour around the school and to their personal development.” (Kingswood Academy Ofsted, full inspection report, March 2016 (p5))


Kingswood Academy takes a preventative approach to bullying. Assemblies and workshops are delivered across all year groups to identify the different types of bullying and how they can cause harm to others. We work closely with external agencies to deliver high quality and relevant information and strategies to students to discourage bullying in all forms.



Kingswood Academy acknowledges that bullying does happen in schools. When students or staff identify bullying a rigorous process of reporting, recording and intervention is put in place for both the victim and the perpetrator of bullying. These include emotional support, restorative practice and counselling where necessary.

The academy can only deal with bullying where we know it is happening, students are encouraged to report suspected bullying to staff immediately.

Anti Bullying Policy


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