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Welcome to Reckitt House

As house leader of Reckitt, I feel really proud, excited and nervous. I am proud and excited because of the great set of students and staff within Reckitt. Everyone is willing to go the extra mile to ensure we keep at the top of the leader board. I am nervous as we have won it the past two years and it is my responsibility to ensure we do not give the other houses any chance of taking our title.

The house means a lot to me as James Reckitt was a superb philanthropist who put everybody before himself with his selfless attitude and I want to mirror this through to our students which they can carry with them, beyond school.

I relate to the 4 core values of Reckitt House through various things I have done and experienced within my life. I believe in doing community work at any given chance whether that be at home or away. I have done various community work from working with young adults and mental charities within hull to participating in local community work in Egypt. I have always tried to be the hardest working person possible, as I believe this is a positive attitude to have which reflects on myself. Like the famous saying says, 'Hard work beats talent, when talent does not work hard'. Generosity is key in any walk of life. Generosity brings happiness within a person through seeing the reactions of people we can be generous towards. Generosity has the potential to bring happiness to people around the world. 

My vision for Reckitt is to simply be the best by demonstrating at least one of the values every day, whether it be in lessons, out of school or at home. I believe by embedding these values on the Reckitt students, this will help with their personal development as well as learning potential through life. My ethos for the house is through hard work, support and team work we can keep Reckitt at the top of the leader board. 

Mr D Rouse

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About Sir James Reckitt

Sir James Reckitt (1833 - 1924) entered the family starch-making business in Hull in 1848 as a junior clerk. He became a partner and served as Chairman of Reckitt & Sons Ltd. and helped guide it into becoming a major manufacturer of many well-known household products. James Reckitt, the youngest son of Isaac is best known in Hull through his legacy of charitable causes and gifts to the people of the city. He had a very strong social conscience and devoted much of his time, energy and if necessary personal capital to improving quality of life for the residents of Hull. He headed the campaign for free provision of public libraries in Hull and when the local authorities failed to provide one he financed the purchase of one himself on Holderness Road in Hull. He assisted in setting up Hull's Royal Infirmary and was a chairman from 1900 until his death in 1924. In 1894, he was offered and reluctantly accepted a Baronetcy. James Reckitt's most substantial gift to his workers was the creation of Garden Village. He provided £100,000 for the provision of 600 purpose built houses with gardens located close to the factories. The idea was to provide healthy and comfortable domestic arrangements in a village like community. The provision of space, a village hall for religious services and public events and garden areas were considered to provide health and happiness for his workers, which would naturally make them more content and therefore productive. They were also provided at much lower cost than less adequate housing without garden space in the rest of the city

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