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Meet Kevin Mincher

Kevin Mincher is one of the world’s leading teen experts.

After a his football career was cut short due to a back injury, Kevin started presenting motivational seminars to teenagers when he was still a teenager.  

He founded Unstoppable Teen in 1997 with the mission of helping 1,000,000 young people experience a better quality of life.

Since then, more than 300,000 students, parents and teachers, have completed his Unstoppable Teen courses, making them the most popular life coaching programmes for teenagers in Britain.

Kevin is an author, speaker and performance coach who has been called upon by Nike, Chamber of Commerce, AQA, Premier League football teams and 250+ schools, colleges and universities to help today’s youth generation succeed.

His areas of expertise include positive communication and leadership, emotional fitness, effective learning, career skills, financial literacy, and physical wellbeing.

Kevin is a former winner of the Anthony Everett Award as Young Business Person of the Year.  He was listed in the Who’s Who of Britain’s Young Entrepreneurs, and was nominated by the Association for Coaching for an Honorary Award for his contributions to communities.

Kevin hosts The Unstoppable Teen Podcast and shares teen success strategies every week via his blog.  His work has been featured on the BBC and ITV.

Kevin’s role a Kingswood Academy sees him work with our whole community to help create a culture of high aspiration and achievement.  He visits our school every half term to facilitate performance coaching seminars and embed success strategies in our tutor lessons.

“I firmly believe all young people can be brilliant at something. It is each student’s responsibility to immerse themselves in as many learning experiences as possible in order to discover their unique strengths and talents. By working as a team with their teachers, parents and classmates they can progress along their personal path to greater success and happiness.”

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