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Promoting Student Health and Wellbeing

Promoting Student Health and Wellbeing.

Kingswood Academy acknowledges that positive mental health and wellbeing are crucial to the success of our students and the wider community.

In an average class of 30 15-year-old students:

  • Three could have a mental disorder
  • Ten are likely to have witnessed their parents separate
  • One could have experienced the death of a parent
  • Seven are likely to have been bullied
  • Six may be self-harming

Mental Health England 2015.

The academy is committed to ensuring that all our students have the tools and strategies to become outstanding learners.

“Pupils say they feel safe in school and are cared for well. They confirm that there is always someone on the staff they can turn to if they have a worry or concern. A number of parents have sought places for their children at the school because they are confident about the quality of care the school provides.” Ofsted March 2016. 


Our Key Drivers underpin every aspect of academy life and focus specifically on resilience:

‘Resilience seems to involve several related elements. Firstly, a sense of self-esteem and confidence; secondly a belief in one’s own self-efficacy and ability to deal with change and adaptation; and thirdly, a repertoire of social problem solving approaches.’

Department for Education: Mental Health and Behaviour in Schools. (March 2015)

Developing resilience is embedded into our PSHE Curriculum and Character Education program. The academy also employs 5 staff who are fully Mental Health First Aid trained to support students at the first sign of need.

In addition, Kingswood Academy employ a variety of external agencies and professionals to support the Mental Health and Wellbeing of our students these include:

·         The Listen Up Project

·         The School Nurse

·         Boys to Young Men

·         Cornerhouse

·         Barnardos

·         The Warren

·         Hull Youth Counselling Services

Kingswood Academy is also a full member of the Headstart Hull program to develop Mental Health and Wellbeing in young people.